Customized NFT projects powered by a flexible API

We`ve extracted our expertise in the NFT space and delivered it to you in the form of API.
You can use our API to build amazing user experience on top of it or integrate with backend services. And if you need to speed up development we have a team of experts ready to jump on too!
What we can build together
Use cases examples Torch can help you implement in the NFT space
Custom NFT Marketplaces
Building your own marketplace allows for complete control of the user experience. These platforms are what we typically see have the highest levels of success.
NFT as a Certificate
Allow your NFT owners to unlock tickets to conferences, sporting events, and real-life experiences. Using NFTs as certifications increases engagement with your brand and community online and in real life.
Utility Tokens
Utility token holders can unlock extra benefits, content, and special offers from your company. Reward your loyal customers and create added value for your NFTs.
NFTs for brand engagement
Increase the collectibility of your NFTs and encourage community engagement by supporting a secondary marketplace. Provide your audience with great brand experiences that stick.
Managed NFT drops
Drop your NFT on an existing marketplace such as OpenSea with our managed NFT drops. Get everything setup for you and gain expert advice for the most successful release possible.
NFT integration to existing platforms
Integrate an NFT marketplace into your existing platform to add more value and create that next wow factor. Custom built integrations keep your platform on the bleeding edge.

Pave your way to Web3 leveraging Web2 accomplishments

Build the best user experience for your clients. Don`t be limited by existing ecosystems. Pick the ideal combination of providers and go execute on it!
Free $0 /mo
  • 1,000 requests for data
  • 10 blockchain transactions
  • No on-demand support
Growth $49 /mo
  • 100,000 requests for data
  • 1,000 blockchain transactions
  • Email support within 48 hours
Enterprise Custom
  • Hire experienced engineers for API integration and more
  • Custom feature requests
  • Dedicated support
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